How To Get Volunteers For A Charity Or Non Profit

How To Get Volunteers For A Charity Or Non Profit

Changing the world is a lot easier when you have help!

Here are some of the things we do to get great volunteers onboard, and helping you on your mission.

1) Planning.

What does your charity need in order to grow and move forward? Knowing this will help you figure out what skills your volunteer will need.

The role you give them will need to give them worthwhile satisfaction, whilst creating the impact required to achieve your CORE MISSION.

1.2) Onboarding.

Decide how new volunteers will absorb your teams knowledge and existing culture.

Consider creating a volunteer handbook, so they know what is expected of them, meaning they can maximise their time with you.

2) Decide To Recruit.

2.1) The How.

Believe it or not, hidden inside local councils somewhere are local volunteer recruiters.

These are great as they do a lot of the work for you. We have used them ourselves to fulfil roles, and they also help to get the word out about your charity amongst the local council.

Also lean on your personal Facebook contacts to share your role(s).

Don’t forget, your spouse and relatives will have slightly different contacts to share the role(s) with. If your friends aren’t personally interested, they might know someone who is.

Are you on LinkedIn? If so, ask there too.

2.2) Recruitment Message.

In your compelling message to these kind people, explain how they can help you to achieve your CORE MISSION.

What benefits will they gain from joining you? List the skills, experience, knowledge and contacts they will gain over say, the first six months of being with the charity.

3) Lean On Your Network.

Ask friends and family you come into contact with offline too. If not themselves, do they know anyone that may be interested in volunteering?

Ask any of your existing staff or volunteers the same thing.

4) Move Outside Your Network.

Moving outside of your networkcan include:

-Schools and universities which are full of energetic, enthusiastic people.

-Businesses, plenty of which look for community involvement projects.

-Club and community groups, social clubs, professional clubs as well as campus based clubs.

-Flyers left with libraries, shops and community notice boards can also reap huge rewards.

4.1) Go Get ’em!

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